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UNsure of the idenity of any of these, except 2nd from left in back row, is Ola , Jakes's daughter, than Jake.Leuritha is on far right. There are two or three of Jake's and Leuritha's daughter in front row. The man sitting in front row is unidentified.
A View-point from Marian, Ola Blankenship McCardell's daughter:
The Blankenships were the most familiar to me in my early days, next to the McCardells, my father's family.

They, being my mother's immediate family, sons and daughters of Jake and Leuritha Blankenship, were mentioned many times with much affection and a sort of melencoly atttitude. I could tell she missed them very much. We saw her sisters, Mary McIntire and husband Joe, and Bela Roney and husband, Herles, fairly often. Bela lived only 10 or so miles over the line in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Mary lived in Parksburg, also Cheser County, Pa., maybe 20 miles north of us.
When we were growing up, Daddy took us for a ride just about every Sunday. We would either go to where Mother wanted, or we would drive over the countryside where Daddy, Morton McCardell, was raised. This was just a few miles north of Rising Sun, also Southern Chester County. His "stomping grounds" was referred to as "The Ridge", on and near the Mason Dixon Line. We sometimes would take a picnic lunch; sometimes take a hike. This was the highlights of our family activities and Aunt Mary and Aunt Bela were an important part of our family.
There was also Uncle Col and Aunt Carolyn, who usually lived in Maryland, but not that close to us. Uncle Col worked for the railroad, so he lived close to his work. I will call on his children, Betty, Mary Leu and Frank to fill us in on their family history. We took a much longer trip to their house, so it was quite a special occasion when we went to visit them.
Aunt Jane and her husband Tom Christian lived in West Virginia, so we never had a family trip to their house. I had graduated from high school before I met my Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane's daughter, Geraldine came to visit us, a year or two before I went to West Virginia to visit their family. It would be quite a few years before Mother would have the chance to see her sister, Jane, again.
Aunt Ellen, Mother's youngest sister, came to our house when I was about 5. I remember her daughter Paige with her, but it would be 68 years before I would see her again. She was about 2 years younger than I. Mom's sister, Ellen, as well as sister Judy, went to the West Coast to live; Oregon and Washington. Ellen had been married a couple times before, and Judy had been married and had 3 children to Hannibal Auvil, BUT they BOTH remarried Blankenships and got their maiden names back. Judy married Jonah Blankenship and Ellen married Ezra Blankenship, who were brothers, sons of Thomas I. Blankenship.
Mother's brother Alfred, married a Lovie Belcher, and Frank, married Lenora Perkins, They both also moved West. Frank was shot, after being deputized, by his brother-in-law. We will have a newspaper account of that later. It would be many years before Mother would see her brother, Alf., and she would never see Frank again.
The Blankenship Family remains my closest family, next to my own, McCardell.However my website was not as active as my Grandmother Blankenship, whowas a Workman. There is still a Workman family site that anyone wishing to belong, I will be happy to have you added as a welcome family member. I say "If we can trace 'em we'll claim 'em!

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