Our Workman Kinsmen

George Washington Workman Family


First Generation recorded on this site:

1. Raymond Shanton Workman(father of George Washington above):

b.1818 Giles or Monroe Co. VA. d: 1890 in near Cordova, Greenbrier
Co. WVA m: Lucina Roberts

2, Children of Lucinda and Raymond:
** Delilah Workman m: William Butler
**PEGGY"b: August 18, 1869 Wyoming Co. W.Va. d: March 20,1953 in Woodlawn, Cowlitz Co.Wa. m: Hesekiah Blankenship

Third Generation

3. Children of Peggy and Hezakiah
***Lydia Blankenship b: March 06, 1888 Lewis W. Va. d: March25,1923
***Albert Blankenship b: July 17, 1890
***Gaby Blankenship b: November 17, 1892 m.IvaWorkman
*** Esther3Blankenship b: June 29, 1895 m.Lester
********2nd Husband of Esther Blankenship m.Bill Hoyt
********3rd Husband of Esther Blankenship: m. Conley Blankenship
** Rebecca Workman b: 1870 d: 1964 .m. Miles Workman b: December 20, 1861 WVA d: December 29, 1928
** Merian Workman
**Henry Edward Workman b: 1874
**Marinda Workman m: Floyd Newton Faultner
**Ollie Workman m.Frank Thompson
********2nd Husband of Ollie Workman: m: James Watson
**James Workman m: Sarah Mitchell
**Armeda Workman b: 1887 m: William Workman

********2nd Wife of Raymond Shanton Workman m. Sarilda Webb b: 1820

Second Generation: Children of Sarilda and Raymond Workman
** Mary Ann Workman b: 1841
** Sarah Workman b: 1844
** Oley Workman b: 1847 m: Charles Totten
Third Generation:
**George Washington Workman b: Abt 1848 d: 1922 m: Isabelle McKinney b: 1847 Kentucky d: 1909
Children of George and Isabella Workman
***Silas Workman m: Mary E. Ramsey
*** William Workman b: Abt 1873
***Raymond L Workman b: March 1875 m: Mary J. Adkins

***Nathan Malvrie Workman b: June 17, 1877 Prob. Clay County, WVA d: August 21, 1961 in Enoch, Clay Co. WVA, Ramsey Cemetery m: Juditha Hamrick b: June 24, 1882 d: January 21, 1965 in Enoch, Clay Co. WVA, Ramsey Cemetery

Nathan Melvary Workman

***Ollie Workman b: March 01, 1878 d: March 1963 m: Hughs
***Viola Workman b: October 24, 1886 d: October 07, 1957 m. Robert H. McGraw
** Fielding Workman M.Virginia Posey **********2nd Wife of Fielding Workman: Mahetta Bragg Children of Fielding ***Benjamin Workman m: Clarinda Adkins Phoebe Workman ***Shelton Workman m. Margaret Ann Skinner *2nd Wife of Shelton Workman: m. Dora Smith
***Franklin Workman b: 1857
*** William Henry Workman b: 1859 m. Artemesia Clark
***Zachariah Workman b: 1864 m. Martha Riffle
***Joseph Workman m. Anna Elizabeth Conley

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