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New River, pictured above, runs through Virginia, originating in North Carolina, and joins the Gauley River in West Virginia to become the Kanawha River.

This photo was imaged from a post card photo by Gerald S. Ratiff.

Information below was sent to me in late 1990s by Erma Wood Baughman, wife of Harry Baughman. She said it had been compiled by Anna Dodril of Montesville, WV. The name J.B. Dodrill of Webster Springs, WV. appears on information given concerning David Baughman, from whom my husband, Robert Lee, descends.

Anna Dodrill's information only went back as far as Christipher Baughman, where I will also begin, although I have later obtained information much further back. I will come forward from Christopher with his descendants and later GO BACK, four more generations, to what I felt was an exciting find.

Descendants of Christopher Baughman:

CHRLSTOPHER2 BAUGHMAN (UNKNOWN 1) was BORN April 02,1788 in Central Territories where Central West Virginia would now be, and DIED September 29,1861 in At Home, Webster Co. Va., near mouth of Skyles Creek. He married SARAH GREGORY, daughter of Colonel Gregory. Christopher - "Chris " Baughman was an ancestor of the Baughmans found in the central portion of West Virginia: Webster, Nicholas and Baxter Counties. It is not known where he was born.
Chris's ancestors were German and Mennonites by religious belief and came to the eastern section of the United States during the mennonite migration during the later portion of the eighteenth century, from the German Palatines. In 1823 Robert Duffield conveyed his 200 acres of land, on Birch River, laying about five miles below theWilliam E. Dodrill Farm, to Christopher Baughman. He made his home there the remainder of his life. The land is recorded as laying on Birch River above the "Salt Works" , a natural flowing salt water spring on Birch River at the mouth of Anthonys Creek and about one mile above the Birch River Post Office on the road, than traveled, and about three miles below the Christopher Baughman Farm. The Salt Works were established soon after he settled on Birch River, but due to the salt water containing otherminerals, rendered it unfit to use as salt. Their commercial endeavor was unsuccessful! This farm or at least part of it remained in the hands of Christopher Baughman and his direct decendents for a period of one hundred and thirty-two years.

As you will see later, there is much more to learn about the Baughman Families and their Descendants. Marriage Notes: With only three sons having available records and several years between the first and last, it might be presumed that there may have been more children. Perhaps girls, where their maiden names, might have been lost in later records. This was later found to be true.

Although this photo was taken in our times, there were many footbridges in pioneer days. Although many years later, my first visit to the Baughman homeplace, was an unsteady jaunt across a bridge structure that just wouldn't stand still. As I recall, there was just a dry gulch below. It was a " first" experience for me and my two month old baby. My father-in-law carried little Merle across the wobbly structure and he amd I would have our grand introduction to his Grandma and Grandpa Baughman as well as other West Virginia relatives.

The Beautiful Birch River, above is surrounded by the Counties of Webster, Nicholas, and Baxter. According to Skip Johnson: Web site maintained by Rob Johnson:
"Birch River is actually three different rivers in one. The first third of the river is best defined as a gentle, meandering stream. Along the way, it transforms to a rushing river surrounded by rocks and boulders left over from an earlier age. The last third of Birch slows down to a gentle flow through steep, isolated slopes and narrow bottom land before it enters Elk River. Mouth of Birch River enters the Elk River at Glendon at milepost 80.7 (Elk at that point is 80.7 miles above its mouth at Charleston, the capital city of West Virginia)".

Along the BANKS of the ELK RIVER
This photo was sent to me by a cousin, Holly Workman

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Additional information below found on the internet and through "My family .com", a family site sponsored by "Ancestry.com".

Descendants of Christopher Baughman:
Generation No. 1:

1. CHRISTOPHER5 BAUGHMAN was born April 02, 1788 in Central Territories: Where Central West Virginia would now be,Botetourt Co, VA,and died September 29, 1861 in At Home , Webster Co.W Va., near mouth of Skyles Creek,. He married (1) SARAH GREGORY, daughter of COLONEL GREGORY. He married (2) RACHEL GLASBURN May 10, 1813 in Botetourt Co, VA, daughter of DAVID GLASBURN and ELIZABETH CARPENTER. She was born July 12, 1791 in Botetout Co. VA, and died July 18, 1843 in Buried Birch River at Skyles Ck. Cemetery, Nicholas Co., VA.
2. i. JOHN6 BAUGHMAN, b. February 03, 1814, his father's home on Birch River,Greenbrier County,; d. Abt. 1895, and was buried on his home farm on the Birch Rver at headwaters of Turkey Creek. ii. HENRY BAUGHMAN, b. Abt. 1819. 3. iii. DAVID BAUGHMAN, b. December 02, 1819, On Birch River,mouth of Skyles Creek, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. May 05, 1903, Gauley River Farm, buried in the cemetery there. iv. UNKNOWN BAUGHMAN, b. Abt. 1822. v. RACHEL BAUGHMAN, b. February 26, 1824. vi. MARY BAUGHMAN, b. Abt. 1827. 4. vii. SAMUEL BAUGHMAN, b. September 06, 1827, Birch River, near the mouth of Skyles Creek, Nicholas, Co., Va.; d. July 03, 1879, Baughman Cemetery on his home farm,Mill Creek Farm, Nicholas Co. WV**(VA).

map also from the birch river website

Generation No. 2:
2. JOHN6 BAUGHMAN (CHRISTOPHER5,) was born February 03, 1814 in his father's home on Birch River,Greenbrier County,, and died Abt. 1895 in and was buried on his home farm on the Birch Rver at headwaters of Turkey Creek. He married SUSANAH DYER November 06, 1834. She was born August 25, 1814 in Gauley River at mouth of Beaver Run, Nicholas Co., Va., and died April 04, 1896 in Birch River, in the cemetery on her and her husband's farm.
Children of JOHN BAUGHMAN and SUSANAH DYER are: i. JAMES A.7 BAUGHMAN, b. December 09, 1835, on his father's farm, on Birch River, Nicholas Co., Virginia; m. SELINA SKIDMORE. 5. ii. WILLIAM C. BAUGHMAN, b. December 05, 1837, on his father's farm, on Birch River, Nicholas Co., Virginia; d. November 1900, Buried in cemetery on his father's farm, on Birch River. iii. MARGARET J. BAUGHMAN, b. April 17, 1840, on her father's farm, Birch River, Nicholas Co.,Va.. 6. iv. MORGAN DAVID BAUGHMAN, b. March 13, 1843, on his father's farm, on Birch River, Nicholas Co., Virginia; d. January 19, 1919. v. JOHN J. BAUGHMAN, b. December 24, 1844, Birch River, Nicholas Co.,; d. October 18, 1888. vi. RACHEL E. BAUGHMAN, b. March 09, 1847, Birch River, Nicholas Co.,Va.; m. AUSTIN RADER. Notes for RACHEL E. BAUGHMAN: Rachel and Austin made their home at Lanes Bottom, Va. .......now Camden on Gauley, W.V. Notes for AUSTIN RADER: Austin was a "Sr." vii. REBECCA A. BUGHMAN, b. May 23, 1849, Birch River Nicholas Co.,Va.. viii. MARTHA S. BAUGHMAN, b. October 12, 1851, Birch River Nicholas Co.,Va.. ix. MARY B. BAUGHMAN, b. December 07, 1854, Birch River, Nicholas Co.,Va.; d. February 10, 1856. x. PHOEBE D. BAUGHMAN, b. December 19, 1856, Birch River Nicholas Co.,Va.; d. January 05, 1861. xi. SARAH C. BAUGHMAN, b. June 03, 1859, Birch River, Nicholas Co.,Va..
3. DAVID6 BAUGHMAN (CHRISTOPHER5, ) was born December 02, 1819 in On Birch River,mouth of Skyles Creek, Nicholas Co., Va., and died May 05, 1903 in Gauley River Farm, buried in the cemetery there. He married (1) MARTHA GREGORY. She was born August 12, 1827 in Randolph Co., Va.. He married (2) MARGARET MILLER, daughter of JOHN MILLER. She was born in Randolph Co., Va., on Gauley River opposite the mouth of Miller Mill run, and died Abt. June 06, 1944
Notes for DAVID BAUGHMAN: David Baughman and his wife, Margaret - "Mattie " Gregory Baughman made their home on Gauley River, one mile above the mouth of Turkey Creek, Randolph Co. Virginia. David was called- "Davey ". They had 10 children.
Notes for MARGARET MILLER: Margaret ( Peggy ) Miller, daughter of John Miller
Marriage Notes for DAVID BAUGHMAN and MARGARET MILLER: Margaret ( P eggy ) was David's first wife. They lived on Gauley River in Randolph Co., Va., one mile above the mouth of Turkey Creek. Their daughter, Francina was born there. Margaret died a few days later.
Children of DAVID BAUGHMAN and MARTHA GREGORY are: 7. i. ADAM GRANT7 BAUGHMAN, b. July 20, 1849, Gauley River, Randolph Co.; d. August 18, 1939. ii. REBECCA BAUGHMAN, b. Father's farm on Gauley River, Randolph Co., Va.. 8. iii. HOLLY BAUGHMAN, b. Abt. 1850, On Gauley River, Randolph Co., Va.. 9. iv. JOHN R. BAUGHMAN, b. February 21, 1853, Gauley River, Randolph Co., Va.; d. May 13, 1951, Buried in Cemetery on his farm, Webster Co.,W.V.. v. CHRISTOPHER BAUGHMAN, b. Gauley River, Randolph Co., Va.; m. MACE. Notes for CHRISTOPHER BAUGHMAN: Christopher was born some time in the eighteen- fifties. 10. vi. JANE BAUGHMAN, b. September 15, 1857, Gauley River Randolph Co., Va.; d. March 01, 1927. vii. BURNARD BAUGHMAN, b. March 25, 1860, Gauley River, Webster Co. Va.; d. Gauley River, Webster Co. Va.. Notes for BURNARD BAUGHMAN: Burnard was the most widely known of the children of David Baughman. He lived and died on the farm where he was born. He was a noted character among the people living in the Elk and Gauley River Valleys in Webster Co.W.Va, as well as the fishermen and hunters frequenting Webster Co., in search of fish and game. He never married and lived on the farm of his father all his life. viii. ELIZABETH BAUGHMAN, b. April 23, 1862, Gauley River, Webster Co. Va.. ix. CURRENCE BAUGHMAN, b. July 10, 1865, Gauley River, Webster Co.,W. Va.. x. RACHEL BAUGHMAN, b. July 04, 1870, Gauley River, Webster Co.,W. Va.. Notes for RACHEL BAUGHMAN: Rachel never married and lived and died on the farm where she was born. Child of DAVID BAUGHMAN and MARGARET MILLER is: 11. xi. FRANCINA7 BAUGHMAN, b. June 02, 1844, Gauley River, Randolph Co., Va.; d. April 05, 1917, Bolair, Webster Co., W. Va., buried in Sand Run Church Cemetery.
4. SAMUEL6 BAUGHMAN (CHRISTOPHER5,) was born September 06, 1827 in Birch River, near the mouth of Skyles Creek, Nicholas, Co., Va., and died July 03, 1879 in Baughman Cemetery on his home farm,Mill Creek Farm, Nicholas Co. WV**(VA). He married AGNES BAIL November 30, 1848. She was born April 24, 1831 in Savagetown(Strange Creek), and died July 22, 1897 in Baughman Cemetery on the farm where she lived all her life. Notes for SAMUEL BAUGHMAN: Samuel and Agnes settled on a farm laying at the head waters of Mill Creek, a tributary of Birch River and a branch of Strange Creek, Nicholas Co., Va. and raised 12 children.
Children of SAMUEL BAUGHMAN and AGNES BAIL are: 12. i. JOHN WILLIAM7 BAUGHMAN, b. October 02, 1849, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. 1929, Gassaway, W.Va.. 13. ii. RACHEL ELIZABETH BAUGHMAN, b. April 01, 1851, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. Cemetery on the John W. Baughman Farm. 14. iii. DELILAH ANN BAUGHMAN, b. February 28, 1853, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. March 08, 1944, Calvin, Webster Co.,W. Va.. iv. SILAS CHRISTOPHER BAUGHMAN, b. February 18, 1855, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. October 11, 1857, Cemetery on his home farm on Birch River. 15. v. MARY LUCINDA BAUGHMAN, b. May 11, 1857, Nicholas Co., Va.; d. November 07, 1944, Cemetery on the farm where she had lived all her married life. vi. DAVID CORNELIUS BAUGHMAN, b. October 01, 1859. vii. REBECCA JANE BAUGHMAN, b. February 23, 1862. viii. EMMIT BAUGHMAN, b. June 30, 1865. ix. MARTHA ALLAN BAUGHMAN, b. October 07, 1867. x. HENRY VAN BUREN BAUGHMAN, b. August 07, 1869. 16. xi. SOPHIA ISABELL BAUGHMAN, b. November 09, 1871, Nicholas Co. W.Va.; d. December 15, 1947. 17. xii. LORENZA HAMPTON BAUGHMAN, b. January 09, 1874, Birch River near the mouth of Skyles Creek ,Webster Co. W. Va.; d. July 20, 1955, Morris, Nicholas Co.,W. Va. Buried in Baughman Cemetery on farm where he was born.

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