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Dell at home in McKinley Apartments

Dell Lord, was born May 18,1953 in Pennsylvania. He has been playing and singing for forty-five years. Among the artisits he has worked with are Bill Monroe, Mac Wiseman, as well as others down through the years. His journeys have taken him into Arkansas, Louisiana (New Orleans), Oregon, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Delaware, Maine, Canada, and Maryland. As Dell says, he plays "old timey music" on the guitar, mandolin, auto harp, fiddle, harmonica, dobro and bass, but prefers the guitar, mandolin and auto harp. In the music world, Dell is considered a "Naturalist" or "Purist", and can hold his own with the best of them.

Dell's Favorite Instruments

After coming to McKinley Apartments here in Rising Sun, Dell resumed doing his own recordings and making CD's. He has played in church here in Rising Sun and will perform at the town's annual "Sunfest" in July. He has auditioned for radio stations in the area and has hope of finding a scenario for his talents. I want to dedicate this Culture Section to Dell for his generosity in letting me use his music for this website. I appreciate his talent and want to have it shared with as many as possible.
Below we will give you a sample of his work.

"Back in the Olden Days"~~~~~ "PUT My LITTLE SHOES AWAY"~~~~~ "Mountain Stream"
"Automobile of LIFE"~~~ "A Rarin' n A Darin' To Go"
"Little Brown Church in the Wildwood"~~~ "The Family Circle"
"Higher Ground"~~~ "Boil dem Cabbages Down"~~~ "The Wildwood Flower"
"You Are My Sunshine"~~ "Goin' in Style"~~ "Greensleeves"~~ "Tell Mother I'll Be There"~~ "When the Eagle Speaks"~~ "Grasshopper on the Fiddle"~~

When Dell Lord came to McKinley apartments, news traveled fast that he was a professional musician. He played at a couple of our social affairs at McKinley, and I realized he was an asset to our group. I had already joined the Rising Sun History and Preservation Commission of the town. After working with the commission, and discovering the sheet music of Jennie Gillespie called ?The Rising Sun Song? from Bill McNamee notes on the history of our town. There was evidence that Jennie had many talents. I vowed to help promote her as one of the town?s outstanding citizens of her time.
At the same time, Diane Ehrhart was working on having two musicians from her church take the sheet music and do their interpretation of the music, and record it on a cassette. As it is with most written music there is mostly something missing, and the artist has to do his own rendition. With no offense to these musicians, it sounded like any other hymn being played. I felt it did not do justice to Jennie?s poetry, which she had taken to New York City back in 1922 to have a professional set her words to music.
At this time my daughter, had a friend who was a retired University of Delaware Music Professor, and she consented to take the sheet music to him to get his opinion. His rendition, although professional,sounded much like the other interpretation; BUT I had an additional advantage! I knew Dell Lord! Although Dell could not read music, he found the words interesting, and came up with his own interpretation of the tune. He has been promised to perform at the opening of our much awaited Museum. In the meantime, I am giving him the staring spot on this website.

Dell would like to introduce you to more of Rising Sun's local talent.

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