The Rising Sun Queen & Main Street BLOCK

known at the time as the "Alee and Shephard Block"

Compiled by Mim Baughman

Allee and Shephard Department Store, is on the right of this photo, taken around 1910.
There were four separate business establishments in this block, along with the large two story building.

Although the photo ABOVE is a well know photo, to my knowledge,
this is the public debut for the one BELOW

In 1891 E.H. Worthington(Bucks County, PA) and a local man William Thomas Benjamin Rittenhouse Roberson purchased the "block" from J.A. Brittingham. They operated a general merchandise store, on the corner until 1906, when it was purchased by Winfield Attlee and Harry Shepherd. It is interesting to note that the pictured "block" is the third building complex to occupy this site. Before it was moved to it's present address on 16 West Main Street, the home of Mr.& Mrs. Mort McCardell, it occupied this corner until 1853. There has been much written and said about Allee and Shephard Department Store, but the smaller one story ones have been more difficult of which to keep track. The post office occupied one of these sections before it was situated in a new block building on East Cherry Street. Just what year, I haven't come across, as yet.

The photos above show McIntire's Restaurant on the end of the row. Out front is Ola Blankenship, who worked for her sister and brother-in-law, Joseph and Mary Blankenship McIntire. One might assume these were friends or relatives, since Ola has accompanied them out to the car. An indefinite time is known for the business, but it was around the end of the 1920s and beginning of the 1930s.

This portion of the photo shows the other part of the building which housed Allee and Shephard's
and whatever businesses that were there at the time. It appears as though Woodrow and James might be nextdoor.
Mary Blankenship, possibly before she married Joseph McIntire,
to her right is her sister Ola Mae Blankenship.

Mary, many years later after Joe died. Mary remained a widow to raise this beautiful family.

Above is Ola Blankenship McCardell who married Mort McCardell

They lived in that house around the corner; spoken of above. This photo was taken at Mort and Ola's 50th wedding anniversary which was celebrated in the Janes Methodist Church in Rising Sun, MD. Back Row: Their daughters, Cheryl Thompson, Marian Baughman and Nancy Cumm.
Brother, Roger Morton McCardell wasn't in town at the time.