Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church

Mount Pleasant Methodist Church
Colora, Maryland 1840 - Present Day
Compiled from various soarces
By Marian "Mim" Baughman

According to Larry Stookey, minister at Mt. Pleasant Church from 1957 thru 1962, Methodism had existed in Maryland for three-quarters of a century, before Mt. Pleasant was founded. In 1760, in the area of Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland, Robert Strawbridge began his career in the ministery. Slightly later the movement reached Cecil County. Frances Asbury, first Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, preached in North East as well as other parts of the county. We do not know just how or who inspired the interest for this little church near Colora, but on July, 1840, a small group of folks who took responsibility of this rightious venture. Those folks were James and Jane Ewing, of the first part; William Edmundsen, Thomas Brown, John McElwee, John Logan, Robert Morrison, trustees.

At the beginning, the church was what was styled as a circuit church, sharing a minister with various other circuits in the area. These circuits belonged to several conferences at different times. Philadelphia being the first. There is a great account of the details of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church compiled by Lawrence Stookey who was minister there from 1957 till 1962. Hazel Ewing Jenkins of Colora holds a copy, and I have obtained my information from this. There is much more to be known from Stookey's history.

My experience with Mt. Pleasant has been limited, but my interest was greatly aroused when I decided to glean some of the history of the paintings Jane Wassmer had done, and I have displayed on my web site. Becoming aware of my family history being a part of Mt. Pleasant, as well as, Harmony Church on Dr. Jack Road, and Freemont Methodist just above the Pennsylvania Line.

Mt. Pleasant sits on a curve, on top of a hill, Vinegar Hill, at an intersection, as you go down into Liberty Grove......beautiful in one of the highest spots around. Today, the church is a very friendly, hospitable and successful institution.
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