"Time Line for Settlement

Our following stories are not yet fully documented for you here, but we will rely on the historians of the past and present day records to help us confirm, critize, scrutinize, and comment on our findings. We will try to give credit to all those that went before us in our search for knowledge of our homeland.

This map was shown in "Colora", book published by "Colora Civic Club"
These beginning records will be for research of Northern Cecil County from the Susquehanna River to the Delaware State Line and as far south as the Talbot Line. This line was drawn by Lord Baltimore in 1702, when an agreement was made to designate the portion of land that would belong to Maryland, between Maryland and Pennsylvania. As this map shows, everything above Colora and north of the Talbot Line would be Pennsylvania. Our studies will include this area and perhaps at times extent further south to Liberty Grove and the outskirts of our neighboring town, Port Deposit. I must point out that this map was later than the period of time that I would like to cover, BECAUSE Rising Sun is listed here as Rising Sun and in 1702, Rising Sun was still considered either part of Nottingham Lots or Summer Hill. The main intent here is to SHOW the territory we will be covering.
William Penn in England was given rights to come to the United States of America and supervise the desires of England's King Charles the second. Penn was for all practical purposes given Pennsylvania.

The Famous Nottingham Lots

The map above shows the portion of Pennsylvania Penn had surveyed,designated as individual lots to be sold to interested persons and finally turned over to Maryland.

WILLIAM PENN In Pennsylvania

1644: William Penn, son of Admiral Penn, was born in London.
1660--62: He studied at Oxford; in 1664 he read law at Lincoln's Inn.
1667: Joined Society of Friends (Quakers)
. 1669: Imprisoned for religious beliefs in Tower of London, where he wrote "No Cross, No Crown".
1672: William married Gulielma Maria Springett.
1675: Penn became one of the New Jersey Trustees who granted a charter providing religious liberty and power in the hands of the people.
1681: He received a charter from Charles ll, giving him Pennsylvania.
1682--84: Penn drew up his FRAME of GOVERNMENT. He visited Penn, bought land, from Indians and made peace with them, which was kept for 70 years as long as the Quakers controlled the government.
1685--88: Penn is an adviser and friend to James ll.
1689--93: In hiding after the flight of James ll. He wasdeprived of power over Penn. in 1692. We went back to writing, completing his most famous,"Some Fruits of Solitude".
1694: Province restored to Penn. His wife Gulielma died.
1696: William married Hannah Callowhill
1697 : Penn wrote a plan for an American union, containing proposals similar to those later embodied in the constitution of United states. 1701: Second and last visit to Pennsylvania. Charter of Privileges adopted, becoming the Constitution of Penn.
1704: Delaware set apart with separate legislature.
1712--18: Illness and death. Buried at Jordan's Meeting House in England. His widow, Hannah, acted as governor of Penn until 1727.
1751--53: Liberty Bell cast to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Penn's Charter of Privileges."