This is the post card Ada McCardell received from "The Misses McCoy Hat Shop" in 1911. It was found in " her little treasures of her past".

In the latter part of the 19th. century the ad below appeared in a Rising Sun newspaper. I will confirm this when the ad reappears to me. When will I learn to keep my references with my information??
It read as follows:
Attention Ladies!
If you want the worth of your money go to Miss Bella Buckley for your Hats and Bonnets. She has constantly on hand all the Latest Styles and Novelties of the season. Prices to suit all customers. She is offering Trimmed Hats for as low as $1.

above is not authentic. This design was inspired and imaged from a advertisement actually used by Jennie Gillespie that can be seen on her site. Go to Jennie's site

Jennie Gillespie's Shop in the Firehall Building on the corner of Queen and Cherry, around the turn of the century. If we find anymore pictures and information on Jennie's hats, we will post it right here.

There is one other that should surely be noted and that is Miss Mary Campbell, but as of this date, the only information I have from memory is she had a shop in the row by Allee and Shephard. She later moved across center square to a little shop beside Kirk's 5&10. My friend from childhood,Joan Cooney Hanna Trott,told me of when she was a pre-teenager, she would check the Trailway Buses, when they stopped in Rising Sun, not to meet a passenger but to retrive a shipment of hats, following a buying trip to Philadelphia to purchase her latest purchases.

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