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This is one of several photos my granddaughter,
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"Orange Blossom Special" was a tune,at Epics Lounge in Rising Sun,which was EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE, back in the late 1970s.
BLUEGRASS by Deacon Brumfield.

When my husband, Robert died, in 1968, and I took a trip back to Greenbrier County, WV. with Robert's cousin Violet Whitecavage, she took me to where we could see the Fogus homeplace. The lane to it was grown up, and we couldn't get close, but we had a good view, from the top of the hill above it. It was a very well preserved house. We both agreed that next trip down, we would go in a jeep.(a HUMMER would be good too!)
Nothing much else transpired concerning my interest in our family roots, until my youngest sister, Cheryl, did a study in college, where she recorded as much of our mother's and father's family facts, as she could get on a person to person basis. That went back to both my mother's and father's grandparents.
My big break came, from Robert's side, when Robert's Aunt Erma, aunt by marriage, sent me information which had been compiled by a school teacher friend of hers. It took us back to Robert's great grandfather, Christopher Baughman. I was on my way, off and running, with a brand new hobby, pass time and compulsion. I was a family historian!
My daughter, Rhonda, had bought her daughter, Shawni, software for tracking family roots, but Shawni wasn't interested at the time. The Family Tree Maker was passed on to me. I didn't have a computer, BUT I made use of Rhonda's, and spent as much as eight hours, on some days, filling in the information. My family soon learned, that when I came their way, I would have many questions concerning their branch of the family. Many did not want any part of my venture. Perhaps they even ran from me when they saw me coming. I did not get insulted nor am I discouraged.

In 1997, I started a little publication that I called "Family Things"- a mini-magazine. I literally cut and pasted. My daughter-in-law, Sandy, said I should have a computer and do " my thing" in a much easier, and more modern and fashionable way. *I have certainly done that thirteen years later! *this is 2010.

Robert's niece, Pam Whitecavage, was about this time, doing the Fogus Family Records. We shared information and had a good thing going.

I decided to buy my own computer.

I was on my way to be bitten by the "genealogy bug"!

My next major step was to join the "myfamily.com" website and got as many of Baughmans, Foguses, Blankenships, Workmans, and finally McCardells to join me on these sites. The Workmans were my grandmother's people on my mother's side. I met relatives I would probably have never met, and my life was greatly enriched. I started attending the Workman Family Reunion in Delta, Pennsylvania about 1998. I just knew Mother, who had taken up residence in heaven by than, was joyful about the situation. I am still plugging away at the computer, and have a fairly large collection of" Family Archives".
In 2003, I attended a Blankenship Reunion in Colorado and met several of my cousins I had never met before. I attended one of my mother's cousin's 100th birthday party in Lewisberg, WV. In August of this year we had another Blankenship Reunion right here in Maryland, at my cousin's place on Colora RD. Colora, MD.
Back in June of this year,2005, I joined a group of Rising Sun folks that were forming a town history commission. I have taken on the task of helping to bring the history of the town up to date. It has been sadly neglected since our previous town historian died back in 1996. I also have hopes of setting up a town web site, which will link from this site.

* * * * * U P D A T E * * * * *
It is now 2007 and our history commissionMORE RSHPC has come a long way. There is a museum on the 3rd. floor of the Rising Sun Town Hall and along with my genealogy, I am very much interested in our History Commission and The Bill McNamee Room in the Town Hall Museum.

I would love for you to give me some "feed back" if you have any criticism, suggestions, information OR to just plain say "hello".This is the only way I have of knowing who visits this page.

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my mailing address is: Marian M. Baughman
603 Dodson Drive
Rising Sun, MD 21911

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