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"Bruce and Ramona Workman married in Prague"

This is the closest thing I have for a GUEST BOOK or message board. Please feel free to email me so I will know how many have visited this site. You may also let me know if you want to join us on our "family.com" family web sites. "Family.com", you say," Where's that?" It is a special private, secure web site for families. I have one for Blankenship,McCardell,Workman. Anyone interested; EMail me!

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Now, back to where and why I was on here:
The photo above isn't new, the news isn't either, but I want very badly for someone to give me some details. Come on people, I want to hear more about this wedding! There is bound to be someone out there that has always wanted to do an article from a journalistic viewpoint on a special wedding. I'll be waiting to hear!

From time to time I'll drop by to add a word or two or take away a word or two. This 8th. day of April finds me very "antsy, as my daughter, Rhonda would say. The weather is looking like spring, and I am searching for a new project!
This is April 24th,2010. I have just resumed my visits to Senior Center in Elkton, and I am also excited about our Sesquecentennial in Rising Sun Md.

I am dissapointed in how our "Senior Moments" club is coming along. Bingo is the only project that has any legs. I'm waiting for someone else to step up and take some responsibility. Hence, my renewed interest in the Elkton group. Back Home