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In the Janauary 25,1996 Larry Fraley, White Sulphur Springs, WV, wrote this article and sent it to The WEST VIRGINIA HILLBILLY of Richwood, WV. He wrote:

Dear Hillbilly,
I thought you would be interested in a research paper, that I did on William Henry Fogus, my great-great-granddad, who was killed in the Civil War. Henry's oldest son Oscar C. Fogus, who is my great-granddad, (1853-1941) was married to Susan Spencer (1854-1911). She was the daughter of William and Minerva Caldwell Spencer from Richwood, WV. My great grandmother Susan Virginia Spencer Fogus also had a brother, ??ias Crawford Spencer from Richwood, who was susposed to have been in Co. D 22nd VA Infentry, killed in Civil War on April 6,1865. This however, has not been checked out.
Best to you, Larry Farley

The following paper was dated August 16,1994 and entitled "PVT. HENRY FOGUS and his BAY MARE HORSE

William "Henry" Fogus was born in Greenbrier County, WV on September 19,1828. He was the second son of Henry and Susan Fogus. He had an olser brother John, born on October 17,1827 and a younger brother, Andrew, born onFebruary 9,1831. Henry was a farmer and lived near Frankford, WV(VA). He was six ft. one in. tall, had a light complection, blue eyes and sandy hair. He married Margaret B. Johnson on Ostober 26,1852. They had four sons and four daughters. Their son's names were: Oscar, Houston, William Henry and Andrew. Their daughters were Elizabeth, Emma, Margaret and Ida.
The Civil War started on April 15,1861 and Henry took the side of the state of Virginia and the South. He was one of the first men of Greenbrier County to sign up. He joined as a private in Taylor Company of the 22nd. Virginia Infantry of the Confederate Army on June 19,1861 at Frankford, WV(VA). Henry transferred to Co. E 60th.VA. Infantry, July 1,1861, where he saw action at Sewell Mountain, Meadow Bluff. Heenry was injured and received medical discharge from the confederate Army on March 24,1862 at Jackson River Depot, near Clifton Forge, VA. for a severe infected rupture. He received $8.80 and $5.00 travel expense to come home to Frankford, where he started farming again with his wife and family. Henry could read and write, as shown by his signing his name on all his military papers.
Henry must have recovered from his rupture, because 13 months later he conscribed back into the Confederate Army on April26,1863. This time as a private in Co. A 26th. Battalion VA Infantry at Lewisburg, WV. With the 26th., Henry saw action at Tuckwiller Hill, White Sulphur, New Market, Chickahominy, Cold Harbor, Lynchburg, Snickers Ferry, Kernstown, and Leetown. The Confederate Army did very well at most of these engagements, despite the Yankees having superior numbers and equipment. The odds were against the Confederates at the next battle, which was the 3rd battle of Winchester,VA on September 19,1864. The Yankees under General Philip Ddheridan had 40,000 soldiers and plenry of supplies. The confederate force under General Jubal Early had over 15,000 tired and hungry soldiers. Private Henry Fogus was one of these, in the 26th Battalion.
General Sheridan struck the Confederate Force at 3 A.M. on the mornibg of the 19th. He sent 35,000 Infantrymen and a Calvery Division against them. His infantry columns were 4 miles long, but the Confederates under General Early held the advance until that evening at 4:30 P.M. Than at 4:30 P.M. Sheridan sent another assult into Confedeates left. This would be tjhe final blow. The Confederates started started retreating South, toward Fisher's Hill. At this point Private Henry Fogus was killed in action. The battle of Winchester was over. The Confederates had lost, but the Yankees had paid a price. They had suffered over 5,000 casualties. The Confederates had lost 4,000/4,500. The Confederate Army also lost Col. George Smith Patton, grandfather of "Old Blood and Guts Gen George S.Patton of World War 2 Fame.
The Civil War would last another 7 months, but the South did not have enough men or supplies. General Lee surrendered on April 9,1865. The North had 10 times more manufacturing and 4 times more people than the South, but the Confederate Army killed 1/3 more Yankees in number than they had lost of their own men. After the battle of Winchester, Private Henry fogus was buried, along with 828 other Confederates in a mass grave in the middle of Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, VA. A beautiful monument now honors this place in Winchester. Henry's widow, Margaret, filed a killed in action death benefit with the confederate Army on December 20,1864
Although a beautiful monument now honors this place in Winchester, in September 1994, 130 years after Henry's death, Mrs. Bill (Phyllis) Wallace of Lewisburg, WV (his great-granddaughter) had a marker erected for him on a plot next to his widow, Margaret at Neal Chapel at Vago, Frankford, WV. Some soil from the Winchester Battlefield where he was killed was spread on this plot to honor him. So yes, the old tale that we were told when we were kids, about our great, great granddad leaving on his Bay Mare Horse and going to a Civil War battle and never returning home because he died on the battlefield is true. Yes, Henry Fogus left on his Bay Mare horse on a fall day 130 years ago. Yes, Private Henry Fogus went to the Battle of Winchester, VA. Yes, Private Henry Fogus died on the battlefield, died for a cause in which he believed. With love and respect, Larry F.Fraley, box 293, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986. Larry is son of Dolly Virginia Fogus Fraley; grandson of Ernest Bunyon Fogus; great-grandson of Oscar Callison Fogus; Great-great-grandson of Private William "Henry" Fogus.

The paper read also......Stone to be set when available.

The stone has been set
and a purple heart has been issued as well.

William and Minerva Caldwell Spencer

Susan Virginia Spencer Fogus' mother and father

William Spencer, May 4,1813 ~ Minerva Caldwell Fogus, born,March 20,1820

died June 20,1890 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~died June 2,1862

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