"Rising Sun", written & copyrighted
by Jennie Gillespie. in the early 1920s
~~~rearranged, adapted to his own style & performed
by Dell Lord


By Mim Baughman

It appears that Jennie Gillespie, as well as the town itself, was colorful times for the people in the fast growing section of Northern Cecil County. Jennie also left her mark with a thriving hat business. Rising Sun seemed to be able to boast looking after the ladies with plenty of Millinary Shops down through the years. It seems as though Jennie was writing about pretty good times in the town when she wrote her song, "Risng Sun".
Jennie either sent or went to New York City to have the words to her song set to music. It is clear to this observer why her song did not have any more longivity than it did. The tune was not that catchy, nor did it do justice to her poetic verse. We will try to give it a second chance of life, thanks to Dell Lord.
MORE about Jennie

World War I had left it's toll and the town was getting prepared to experience another milestone in our nearby Conowingo in the Western Part of the County. We will have some information on this subject at a later date.

Rising Sun was a quaint little hometown village until the time of World War ll, when the entire County was disrupted by munitions plants in Elkton, our young men going off to war and whatever way the citizens could find to fight the "cause for the war". I was only twelve at the time, and our family wasn't impacted by anyone having to go into the service. Dad did serve as a "minuteman" and a member of the "observation tower watchman". I remember the blackout shades we had to use when a "practice for a blackout alarm was called". There were ration books, knitting clubs formed to make blankets, and scarcities of many kinds, but we came through unscathed, from my vantage point.
We will go back to the beginning when Indians claimed Cecil County; than there was the time when the first gathering of civilization called itself Summerhill. Than in 1860, Rising Sun was born. There will be much to be told about our little town from that time until the exciting times of today. There can be much also said about it's plans for the future.

"Days of the Indian" & "Wm. Penn Lots" will be ADDED SOON!

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