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I would venture to say, this is probably the first photo of " Mort" that any of us have. He was no doubt in his late teens at the time.


Descendants of James Morton McCardell

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES MORTON5 MCCARDELL (HARRY LEWIS4 MCCARDLE, JOHN HENRY3, JONATHAN2, JOHN1) was born November 25, 1903 in MD/PA Line either So. Chester County, PA or No. Cecil Co., MD, and died September 12 1989 in Harford Memorial Hospital, Havre de Grace, Harford Co., MD.
He married OLA MAE BLANKENSHIP September 11, 1929 in Elizabethtown, PA. She was born December 08, 1905 in Mossy Rock, Lewis Co., Wa., and died July 31,1987, at home in Rising Sun, Cecil County, MD.
As recalled by daughter, Marian

" Mort ", as he had been called all his life, roamed the fields and woods when he was a young child, near his home just north of Rising Sun, Md. He learned to identify wild edible plants and enjoyed the fruits of Mother Nature. . He also learned to love and identify trees, which would be of importance in his future vocation. He learned to ice skate very well, even to the extent of becoming noted as the best ice skater on Hunter's Dam; he and Otis Monger. Otis' son , years later, conceded to me that Dad was the best. Dad also mentioned, from time to time he very much enjoyed wresling. His schooling was brief, covering more than one grade within one year's time. His mother is to be credited with spending time teaching him many things. His teacher, Helen Shephard, became a life-long friend and client. I remember one day after Dad had owned our home on Main Street for many years and was determined to NOT put ordinary paint on it, Miss Helen said to mother, "I told Mort if he didn't paint this house, I am going to divorce him." Dad took the chance and the house was torn down many years later, and it never got a coat of paint
As a youth, Mort waited tables in a restaurant in Rising Sun, which was on the main highway, Route #1; the "trodden path", between Baltimore and Philadelphia. The name of the restaurant escapes me now. Rising Sun was the spot to stop for dinner after the horseraces at Delaware Park were over. He later worked with his father building houses and doing remodeling and repairs. His interests later developed into furniture repair and antique restoration. He rented a shop in Rising Sun ,than later built one in his own back yard at 16 W.Main St., Rising Sun. I would watch him hand sand a fine piece of furniture and he would rub, than feel to see if it proved to be to his satisfaction. If not he'd sand some more. It had to be perfect! Clients came from as far as New England and North Carolina.
Mort and Ola Mae Blankenship were married in 1929. Ola had come to Rising Sun to work in her brother-in -law's restaurant, a fortunate happening for Mort McCardell. I could say at this point " they lived happily ever after" , but that would be slightly exaggerated. They had their ups and downs, but faith in each other, helped them weather the storms. Mort continued his Antique Restoration and Sales until he retired about 1980. Ola's passing away in 1987 took it's toll on him, but he did "hang in" until the fall of 1989. He never got over losing his wife and my mother. More information will be forthcoming through notes on his and Ola's four children.

More About JAMES MCCARDELL and OLA BLANKENSHIP: Marriage: September 11, 1929, Elizabethtown, PA Children of JAMES MCCARDELL and OLA BLANKENSHIP are: 2. i. MARIAN DELORES6 MCCARDELL, b. December 01, 1930, West Grove Hospital, West Grove, Chester Co., Pa.. 3. ii. ROGER MORTON MCCARDELL, b. August 29, 1932, Gorshus Mills, Md.; d. November 13, 1996, Elsmere V.A. hospital, Elsmere, New castle co., De.. 4. iii. NANCY ANN MCCARDELL, b. May 09, 1941, Union Hospital, Elkton, Cecil Co. MD. 5. iv. CHERYL ALLYN MCCARDELL, b. June 17, 1951, Union Hospital, Elkton, Cecil Co. MD.

Generation No. 2
2. MARIAN DELORES6 MCCARDELL (JAMES MORTON5, HARRY LEWIS4 MCCARDLE, JOHN HENRY3, JONATHAN2, JOHN1) was born December 01, 1930 in West Grove Hospital, West Grove, Chester Co., Pa.. She married ROBERT LEE BAUGHMAN November 20, 1949 in Belair , Harford Co, Md. , in Methodist Parsonage, son of CLARENCE BAUGHMAN and ELIZABETH FOGUS. He was born October 14, 1930 in Marlinton, W. Va., and died April 26, 1968 in Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Md.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"On Daddy's knee"

My very first memory of Dad must have been at Christmas time, because he was tapping his foot to the tune of "The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers" and bouncing me on his knee. I remember, too, hearing him play a banjo.

"Proud of my Daddy"

Another time was at the Oxford Carnival Parade,in nearby town of Oxford, Pa. He was playing saxaphone, marching up the street with the Oxford Fire Company Band. I was "proud as punch", as he sounded out his oom-pa, oom-pa! Dad always ran late, and we would have to walk what seemed miles from our parked car. Before we left to go home, we always got caramel popcorn balls, I ate on the way home; a candy apple,I saved for the next, and once a baloon. If I remember correctly, I cried, when the next morning, instead of the baloon clinging to the ceiling where I left it, all that was left was a small wrinkled up piece of "blob". Ever since than I have considered a baloon a waiste of time and enthusiasm.

"My First Loves"

The Oxford Band would give a concert on the lawn of their fire company, every Sunday Evening, back in the 1930s. They had a special bandstand built for the band, but the spectators had to stand. I remember one time Mother lifted me up to sit at the edge of the bandstand, because I got tired of standing, even though I really enjoyed it. I was especially smittened by the " auburn haired drummer". Dad called him Clarkie. The band leader was sharp too. He always wore an all white uniform, while the other band member wore black with gold trim.

"My First Heartbreak"

There was another time, I cried to go with an older neighbor to take her father's dinner to him at work. We would have had to cross a creek to get there and Dad was determined to not let me go. I cried until he showed me that my little butt was for something other than sitting upon. I couldn't understand how he could spank his "sweet inocent child". I was broken-hearted, but that lickin' did me a lifetime. I didn't ask again and he didn't have to spank me again! I have always been a fast learner!

"Those Big Frighteninhg Men"

Another time, that I remember well, was when there were Indians in the parade. There they were, these great big scarry looking men way up above my head ,sitting on giganic horses, with their feather head dress, war paint, and I not sure that they didn't let out a "few big war-hoop!" That was probably my first Oxford Parade, but far from my last.
An interesting situation took place this morning, May 9, 2005(my sister Nancy's birthday) around 3:00 A.M. I couldn't sleep, so I got up and turned on my TV. There was a show on promoting a book named " Let Your Baby Drive".... Let Him Navigate, but you steer. Thoughts came rushing back of a little incident Dad told about when I was about three years old. He said I fell down and went rolling down a bank. He rushed to me and said, "What do you think you are doing? I responded, " I'm navigating!" I think he might have realized right than that he would have to do some steering..........speaking of steering, brings to mind, when my brother and I were of an age to be wanting to learn to drive a car. We would sit on Dad's lap and he would let us steer. One Sunday when we went to visit my Uncle Albert and Aunt Virginia, we were nagging him to take us somewhere to practice driving. A very large meadow faced my uncle's house; somehow, we were given permission to have full charge of the automobile, while Dad and Uncle Albert watched from Albert's front porch. I was sitting in the driver's seat, (after all I was the one that knew how to navigate) doing the steering and using the gas pedal. Rog was shifting the gears, using the clutch. No one had taken charge of the brakes! When we got to a part of the meadow that was beginning to look swampy, Rog re-acted first, in fear we would get stuck, and aming his foot at the brake, mistakenly pushed on my foot which was on the gas pedal. Now you picture the rest. With mud flying everywhere, the car with it's front end bored into the ground at, at least a 45 degree angle lower than the rear. Uncle Albert laughed, Dad paniced, and of coarse, rushed to our rescue; rescue and whatever?! I don't remember any severe lectures or dire consequences. After all we were given permission, and the steering was left to us. Rog got his licence around 17/18 years old, but I didn't get mine till I was close to 30 years old. By that time, I was doing some steering of my own kids.

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