Miss A. Mabel Reynolds

"WHEN the Saints~~Go Marching In"

Schools - Public - Sixth District - 1a Chapel School House No. 4 - 6th Dist. located at Battle Swamp (Woodlawn) on Dr. Jack Road (now a dwelling) Jessie Reynolds, Will Hayes Moore, Lena Abrahams, Sam Squier (born 1866), Mabel Reynolds, Charlie Abrahams, Adaline Hasson, Cecil Squier, Bert Reynolds

Miss Mabel and her class of 1901

Miss Mabel Reynolds operated a school, with Christian influence, in the area of Rising Sun from about 1900 through June of 1940. The beloved teacher is reflected in the lives of many of our citizens of today. Those who were not priviledged to attend this little school referred to it as the "The Angel School", but we can think of no one more qualified to teach such a school than our "Miss Mabel".

Her first school, according to our former Mayor Norris Reynolds, who was an early student, was held in the front room Mrs. Walter Buffington's house on East Main St. (in 1960, this was the residence of Dr. and Mrs. Busey). Next, as related by Hugh Evans, it moved to East Cherry St., in the side yard of Henry Cumming's house. (In 1960, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Herb Ryan, and today, by Jenson Work Room). Still later, possibly around 1907, the "Angel School" was held in a little building that was once the office of Job Haines, located on the corner of Wm. Pogue lawn. (in 1960 the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Buck and today 2005 the home of "Yoke Fellowship". Next, the school moved to a small room in the town hall, located in the fire house. It's last location was the renovated second floor of a stable in Miss Mabel's own property on Walnut St. Today, it is a parking lot for the Mercantile County Bank. (2005)

What this modest school lacked in facilities, and a permanent location was more than compensated by it's excellent scolar standing in the county. It could not be disputed that Miss Mabel Reynolds taught more potential college students than county school many times it's size. Miss Mabel passed away in 1954. The article above was written for the Town of Rising Sun's Centennial in 1960, and modified thereafter. MMB

"More About Saints" ~~ As told by Mim McCardell Baughman~
The keyboard and trumpet duet is by Roger McCardell and Yours Truly.
My Dad and I went to Miss Mabel's funeral in 1954. Roger did not, but the story got back to my father, that Rog was playing "When the Saints Go Marching In", as everyone was leaving the funeral home. Rog was at his home, which was equal in distance to about a block away, but the sound carried to the funeral home. I want to dedicate this to both my brother, Roger, and Miss Mabel Reynolds. May they both be keeping company with the Saints above.

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