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THIS WAS MY BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT ~~~~~~~~ I might as well start at the very beginning

Marian Delores McCardell as an infant

I sent a card to Helen Balentine when Mother passed away on July 31,1987 and received a letter back from her, along with my birth announcement above. In their youth she was mother's very best friend, although they had been apart since they both married. What a treat it was to receive my birth announcement back, after all those many years! She, at the time was getting ready to go to her son's in Onterio, Canada.
I regret that I haven't heard from her since.( This now 3/1/2008).

Marian with her little brother, Roger Morton

The McCardell family was living on Stubbs Hill at the time I was welcomed into this world at the West Grove Hospital; Dr. Holcomb of Oxford, PA., doing the honors. Upon arriving at home I am imagining my grandmother, Ada Pearl would have been the most enthusiatic. I was the first grandchild, for Ada and Harry, and since they had had four boys,it was time for a girl.
There are quite a few memories I have, living on Stubbs Hill....... The sledding was great for many on "The Hill"! We often had relatives from Philladelphia come to visit. Roger said I was "dominating" and told him where he had to park his little red wagon. I recall one day Mother put some old clothes on me, so I could go out in the yard and make mud-pies. Perhaps I told Rog where to park his wagon, so he wouldn't run over my latest handiwork with my pie making.
I went to the garden numerious times with my Uncle Albert, who lived with us. Mother and Mom-mom canned many quarts of fruits and vegetables from his garden. I was facinated how easy the skins came off the peaches when they had been blanched in hot water. Many evenings I sat and watched for the paper boy, Billy Snyder, who rode his bicycle to deliver us a newspaper. He was my first boyfriend.
Many pleasant thoughts come to mind as I dwell on those days, but I will not elaborate on them at this time. I feel fortunate to have so many wonderful memories.
I started to school at Miss A. Mabel Reynolds Private School in September of 1935, not turning six until December, three months later. I was anxious to go to school. I didn't seem to have any trouble with my studies, but had this feeling that my school wasn't like other schools. Judging on appearances, as people have ALWAYS done, the school building didn't look like I thought school buildings would look. It was two large rooms on the top of an empty stable. Everything was neat and clean, however. We drank from a bucket of water; everyone having their own cup, which they brought from home. Mine was a folding one that was made especially for traveling with you. We also had an outhouse.

Marian, as a Teen Ager

OH, HAPPY DAY! ~~~~~~~~Just waking up in my new taffeta PJ's

Charlie Meehanwrote me this note when we were over sixty-five years old. It is soooo nice to resume relationships of classmates after soooo many years. I joined Charlie and his wife Lois's Shaklee Team several years ago. Charlie died about 2004/5 with alzheimers disease. Their son and I are both working with the RS History and Preservation Commission.

Through the Generations

On December 31,2005, knowing Catherine "Kit" Kirk had been a "study abroad student", I took my granddaughter, Angie Lea Hall to meet Kit. Angie had just returned from a three and a half month study program in London promoted by Bucknell University, where Angie is attending. Kit, on the other hand had spent a couple of years, living with a relative. They both enjoyed the visit ! I was totally elated! Kit is a lovely lady and when I stated this to Angie, she totally agreed.
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