By Mim Baughman

Photo taken by my granddaughter, Angie Lea Hall, in her photography class in high school, about 1999

Being a "late bloomer", but a "fast learner", I jumped right in when I found out the Town of Rising Sun was going to activate it's Historical Commission, which had fallen by the way-side. I had talked to Bill McNamee, our town historian, back in 1989/90 after Dad's death, about some of his, Mort McCardell's things,being put aside in case there would ever be a town musium. He said he would suggest to go ahead and sell at the auction, which our family had already planned to do. He proudly showed me his collection both in his living quarters, and the collection in his basement. When Bill died I kept expecting to hear what was going to happen to his antique collection. I also inquired at the library if his book had been published. I was told, emphatically, "NO".
The closest I ever came to finding out was, someone informed me, thay had been told "it was being taken to the dump". I didn't quite believe this because, although I believed his son was not an "ardent antique lover", I also believed he did have a sense of value, and would not allow such a thing to happen.
When I heard about a grant the town had received for the purpose of constructing a musium, and the Ashby Building being purchased for the venture, I didn't feel any need or reason to join in the what would be a sad disappointment. Since I didn't have any "bucks" to donate, I didn't see where I could be of any use.
When the announcement came that a Historical Committee was AGAIN being formed, I knew what I had to do. At least, "my body was still warm", and I figured I would know what to do from there, if I would step forward and say, " May I be a part of it"? I went to the next town meeting, and I have been excited and motivated ever since. With a committee chairman, Diane Erhart, other volunteers, Ed Ellison, Theresa Mumey, Marcia Bussman, Bill Meehan, we are on our way to a teriffic beginning. We needed all kinds of help, but most of us had great faith that we could do it!

Below is an example of the cover page of the newsletter I created with the technical help of Dee Emsley. I was very proud of OUR accomplishments! Our first newsletter was published about 4 months after our commission was formed. I was very disappted when Dee Emsley stated "she couldn't work with me on the newsletter" and the next issue was done by Diane Eahrhart. All previous plans made by Diane and I were scrapped and Diane took over the newsletters from than on.


Rising Sun Historical Preservation, Inc.

Volumn 1, Issue 1 Fall 2005

RSHPC Newsletter

Wintertime image from Roger Spencer's photography:

Rising Sun History Preservation Commission, Inc.

Volumn 1, Issue 2 Winter 2005
The RSHPC NEWSLETTER is published quartly (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Subscription is included with annual Membership in the Rising Sun Historical Preservation Commission, Inc. The Editor welcomes the submission of articles and photographs related to the area's history for possible publication, as well as suggestions for future articles.

Editor: Marian "Mim" Baughman Phone:410-658-4354
Another season is on the horizon, and it's time to send you our next report of the progress of our new commission. It seems as though the enthusiasm has not subsided and we are still moving along with several more accomplishments. Dee Emsley's shirt sales have been above expectations, and has prospects of a long term success. We chanced off the beautiful painted shaker box, Debbie Craig so generously donated for the cause, and it was won by Dougie Clark, owner of Clark's Supply Co. The drawing took place after the Carol Sing at Foard's Community Building on Dec. 6th.
An outstanding event for the commission was a small group's participation in the County Christmas Parade in North East. John Ehrhart constructed a float with the help of a friend for the occasion. Diane Ehrhart and Theresa Mumey had made gorgious dresses to ride on a float constructed for the occasion. Bill Meehan joined them doned in his Civil War apparel. Tracy and Carl Jentzsch and their two little girls, Jordan and Maggie also rode along on the float, while Carl played his guitar and they all sang Christmas Carols. They had to compete with the Rising Sun High School Band, who was marching right behind them.

in Rising Sun

The RSHPC,Inc. joined in this evening's celebration to have our special raffle finalized on this occasion. Here our officers are meeting Santa Clause, a special event of the evening.

Sec. Thresa Mumey, V.Pres. William Meehan,
Pres. Dianne Ehrhart, Tres. Dee Emsley
Waiting for the raffle drawing, and watching over the display of the sweat shirts and tote bags that will be on sale for the benefit of the History Commission. The winner will get this beautifully hand-painted shaker box containing two shirts of their choice plus a tote bag, all embelished with photo of their choice from Dee Emsley's collection of old town buildings

The Drawing Begins

Judy Cox waiting as Diane Ehrhart holds the entries for Debbie Craig to draw the winning number. Debbie's little granddaughter, Kaylan Smith looking on. Dougie Clark of Clark's Supply Co. was the winner.

Those looking over Dee's shirts are left to right: Ann Gibney, Marie Walker, Auxillary Ladies that assisted with the refreshments, than Debbie Lambert, Linda White, and Evelyn White.

Mim's Mini-studio of Family Things

Through the Generations

This article I prepared and was very proud of, WAS REJECTED , by someone!

Miss Hall meets Miss Kirk

By Mim Baughman

Angie Hall met Catherine Kirk today, December 31,2005. One of the smarter things I have done was to take my granddaughter, Angie, to meet Miss Kit. They have both studied aboard, Miss Kit in Paris, and Angie in London. Angie for only 3 and one half months in London, and Miss Kit for a couple years in Paris. They both enjoyed talking about their experiences, and also agreed that it was one of the greatest experiences a girl could have. I asked Kit if she knew of any other girl from our town who had done this, and she said she couldn't think of anyone. I will have much more to share in the future about Miss Kit, when I get together with Marcie Bussman, who also interviewed her, and we can compare our notes. Since Marcie had volunteered to speak with Kit about her years in Rising Sun, I asked her if she would mind if I went to see Kit also, since she and my granddaughter had had similar experiences. It was a joyful day for, I'm sure, all three of us. Who says three's a croud? Kit is such a charming person; Angie agreed. Remember the photo, below, in the last issue of RSHPC of the auto with little Bill McNamee, Kit,and her mother, Maude Ashby? Kit informed me that "the auto was a bright yellow". They even had "classy cars" BACK IN THOSE DAYS!


~~INDIVIDUAL:~~ Wm. Meehan,~~ Mim Baughman~~Dee Emsley~~ Ed. Ellison ~~FAMILY:~~Mary & Jimmy W. Gibney ~~ Buddy & Grace Cather~~ Carl & Tracy Jentzsch~~ John & Diane Ehrhart~~ Bill & Carolyn Spencer~~ Marci & Charles Bossman~~ Tom & Theresa Mumey. ~~PATRONS:~~ Debbie & Don Craig ~~TOWN LIASONS:
Debbie Craig ~~ Tom MUMEY (law)
~~~~~~~~~~SUE's RESTAURANT

The RSHPC NEWSLETTER is published quartly (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Subscription is included with annual Membership in the Rising Sun Historical Preservation Commission, Inc. The Editor welcomes the submission of articles and photographs related to the area's history for possible publication, as well as suggestions for future articles.
Editor: Marian "Mim" Baughman Phone:410-658-4354

New History Commission for Rising Sun,
Cecil County, Maryland

After the folding of the Rising Sun Historical Commission in the late 1990s, it would be quite a while before the Rising Sun Townsfolk would hear any more about restoring our town's hope of having an official historian or a historical society.

Around June of 2005 the subject was brought forth, and the prospects of the town's history recorded from Bill McNamee's notes again were aroused. A half dozen exuberant citizens appeared, ready to resume the task of not only finding a historian, writing a book and forming a society; they had the desire to acquire a museum!

At this date, October, 2005, The Rising Sun Historical Preservation Commission, Inc. has been restored from the remains of the former commission. They have developed their by-laws and statement of purpose (thanks to Tom Mumey, one of the Town's Commissioners). With some trial and error it is now an official commission of the town. A Board has been formed, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer have been elected and committees have been appointed. The archives, donated to the town by Bill McNamee, are an important part of our next agenda. Not having a place to house them, the commission will find a dry, dark, safe corner in the town hall for careful preservation, until they can find a place to call home.

There has been much research done on properties, facts searched out on town history, photos acquired, and interviews conducted with our seniors. The group is looking forward to many more accomplishments and much more just plain old fun! At this time, it would be quite appropriate to pay tribute to Bill McNamee and his many years of dedication to the town of Rising Sun and service to it's people. Bill was always so cheerful and there wouldn't be much time elapse when visiting with Bill, before his sense of humor would shine out!

I am just a member of the Rising Sun History & Preservation Commission, but my main desire and goal is to have Bill McNamee's notes and accounts of happenings in our town symbolized by all the material, both tangible and intangible, that was left to be kept safe and passed on to posterity. Bill was one of the first people that I remember from my childhood. He and my Dad were close ever since they were both pre-teenagers. Their social life was the only thing they didn't share. Bill was definitely a socalizer, where Dad was a work-a-holic........out of necesity. He worked as an independant craftsman and with four children, he was kept busy making a living and doing work that he loved, and in which he had much pride. He and Mother did reach out socially in latter years when they joined Janes Methodist Church and the local Senior Citizens Group. Bill and Dad at that time also spent more hours together, searching out some of the historical spots, in reminiscence of days gone by, in and around their "Old Town".

The commission is working very hard on developing a museum, and this will be right in line with a place to house Bill's donated articles and to collect future archives the townsfolk want to leave in our keeping. There doesn't seem to be much interest in doing a book from Bill's notes, which he specified very emphatically. I am working slowly but surely on getting this done.
***UPDATE *** ***December 15, 2007***

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