Rising Sun in the Early 20th. Century

Allee and Shephard Department Store

Photo above was taken around 1910

published in County newspaper
Often referred to locally as the "Allee & Shephard Block", this picture was taken possibly around 1910 when there were four separate stores, beside the large corner store, which at the time of this newspaper writing, was occupied by a video store.
In 1891 E.H. Worthington(Bucks County, PA) and a local man William Thomas Benjamin Rittenhouse Roberson purchased the "block" from J.A.Brittingham. They operated a general merchandise store, on the corner until 1906, when it was purchased by Winfield Attlee and Harry Shepherd.
It is interesting to note that the pictured "block" is the third building complex to occupy this site. Before it was moved to it's present address on 16 West Main Street, the home of Mr.& Mrs. Mort McCardell, it occupied this corner until 1853.
The brick building in the center of this picture was the original home of a Dr. Heston, later purchased and occupied by Aaron L. Duychinck, still later by Dr. R.C. Dodson, and now presently known as the Montgomery Building. The adjacent frame building, once occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Brokaw, has been torn down to make the parking lot for the Montgomery building.

This article was taken from Cecil Whig, Elkton, MD.
Editor's note: This picture and information above provided by Bill McNamee, Rising Sun historian

by Mim Baughman

Assuming this picture that appeared in the Cecil Whig was referring to 1910, it would be 25 years later, that I first have any recollections of this particular spot and an important scenario in my early years in Rising Sun. It was a while before Christmas; I was with my father and my Uncle Albert, riding through town. We were stopped at the intersection of Main and South Queen, (wonder when they installed that red light?), and I had a chance to see a beautiful doll in the big front window of Allee and Shephards Store. I can't recall for sure whether I got that particular doll or not, but like most little girls, I got "a' doll.
I moved into that house around the corner, of which Bill McNamee spoke, about 1936. When we needed groceries, we went to that very building that used to be Allee and Shephard's. I made many a trip up that street to the American Store, a for-runner of the Acme Markets
Later, having gotten a work permit at age fourteen, 1944, and after a short time of working at Pogue and Roberson's Department Store, I went to work at the American Store. That was just a short while before I graduated from high school in 1947. After not sticking with my intentions of attending Salisbury, I went to Goldey Beacom in Wilmington for a short while.
I than went to work for another business, also located in that same " block". It was two doors up from the American Store. As this business, Poist and Slaybaugh, grew into a bigger business, they disolved partnerships. Marge and Charlton Poist went it alone. It was a newsstand at the beginning, but when they wanted to install a soda fountain, they needed more space, so the larger section, right next to the American Strore, became the destination of Poist News Stand; fondly referred to as the "Gip Joint". It was a hang out for the kids after school and after the movies; yes, we had a movie theatre in Rising Sun! The adults would come, about the same time the movies let out, to get a pint or quart of hand packed Breyers ice cream. I still have muscle to back that up, although flabby, there are signs of muscle having been there.
I can't overlook the little section next to the alley, between the main row and the brick building to the left. It was what had been McINTIRE's RESTAURANT in the late 1920's, than Homer Keitleys in the 30s. When our gang needed a place to gather, it was "Kozy Korner", owned by Bill Buck, who also built and owned the Movie Theatre.
Now the big brick building, standing alone to the left, was Dr. Dodson's home and office, as Bill McNamee described. I had all my shots from Dr. Dodson, all our family's ailments were treated by him. He delivered my two yonger sisters and all four of my children. Their son Richard was a close friend of my brother's and mine. My first date was with Richard. It was a Lion's Club Christmas Party and since Richard was too young to drive, we had to go with Dr. and Mrs. Dodson. It was a very good beginning for my social life!
As for that house around the corner, I could write many a tail about it. A very happy family lived there, although, we were not so proud of the appearance of the house. There was much love, freedom and chance for us kids to express our talents and creativity. I could write a book on "That Old House"alone;


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