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Roger Morton McCardell....Younger Years

First Photo of RogTaken about 1933

As remembered by his sister: Marian McCardell Baughman
Yes, I remember him when he was this age!
Roger Morton McCardell was born on August 29,1932 in Gorshus Mills, Md. He is the son of James Morton and Ola Mae Blankenship McCardell. Rog was born at his Uncle Col's or his grandfather Blankenship's home. Mother had gone there to be with her mother, during the birth. Roger and his mother returned to the McCardell's residence on Stubbs Hill, south of Rising Sun, Md. soon after his birth. I was told I greeted him by climbing into the crib with him. From than on, my little brother had to be protected from his big sister.
Roger started school at Miss A. Mable Reynold's, a private school. He started at a very young age taking care of himself. He carried water and took out ashes from the old time heating stove, in the one room school, to help with his tuition. Roger started to school in September of 1937; he had just turned five that August. He was passed on to the fifth grade in 1941, when he entered Public School. Miss Mable said it would be better, since he was younger than his sister, and bigger too, for him to be advanced a grade. Since there were only eleven grades in Cecil County at that time, this resulted in his graduating at the age of fifteen, in 1947.

Left back row: Jody Touchton, Bob Cherry, John Tosh, Sonny Kennard, Jack Buck, Eleanor Jane Slaybaugh, Donald Cullen.
Front row from left: Richard Lane, Joan Hanna, Roger McCardell, Marian McCardell, Anita Hawley, Jackie Lamb, Mary Jane Buck, Richard Dodson.
This photo was loaned to me to put on my computer, just a few years ago, about 2000. The original belongs to Joan and Elizabeth Hanna.

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"My Little Brother, My Big Brother"
By Mim

Showing special talents while playing baseball on Rising Sun High School Team and the local American Legion Teams, Roger was scouted by John Ogden, a scout for the Boston Braves Major League. He signed for a small bonus, and his tuition to West Nottingham Academy in Colora, Md. was paid for in 1948 and 1949, as well as, one semister at Boston University, Boston, Mass. There he began to study business. He played on the West Nottingham Academy Baseball Team, and, after completing a semiser at Boston U, went to baseball school in Orlando, Florida in January or February of 1950. He now became my big brother, and we went our separate ways.......for a while.

Roger Morton McCardell...
His ADULT Years

In March of 1950 he went to Myrtle Beach. From there he went to Jackson,Mississippi,in the South Eastern League, Rome, N.Y., in the Canadian American Leagueand down to the Mountain States League to play for Harlan,Kentucky. In 1951-52 he played with the Canadian Provincial League, class C, in Quebec,Canada.
In 1953, Rog went into the service for two years. He took his Basic at Indiantown Gap, was stationed at Carlyle and played baseball during the baseball season in the 2nd. Army Baseball League. At this time the Braves made some moves of their own. They, the Boston Braves became the Milwaukee Braves. After being discharged from the army, the Braves sent him to Jacksonville, Fla., Class A in the Sally League; than to Evansville, Ind. Class B, in the 3-1 League. Inn the fall of 1956, Rog was drafted by the N.Y. Giants and sent to Dallas Tx. Class AA In the Texas League.

Before going to spring training with the Dallas Team, on February 26,1957, Roger and Nancy George, daughter of Harriett and Ralph George of Elkton, Cecil County, MD. were married in the Elkton Methodist Church.

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