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"Take Me Out to the Old Ball Game"

Poem by William "Bill" Durfey ..... Must have permission to use.

The batter stepped up to the plate,
He swore he would end the debate,
As to whether or not he could hit;
He'd show them that he would not quit.

The first ball was high and wide;
By him he let ride.

The second pitch was low;
Two balls the scoreboard shower.

The third pitch was straight and true;
Two balls one strike as it slipped through.

The fourth ball was a little askew;
A wild swing the score two to two.

The fifth ball was off outside;
Again by him he let it slide.

Three balls, two strikes; now what would he do?
Would he walk, strike out or come through?

The pitch came in a foul tick,
As onto the stands the ball was kicked.

Would the seventh pitch deside the case?
This was the decision henow faced
To prove his worth or face disgrace.

The seventh pitch came down the middle;
He connected, would it end the riddle?

A high fly ball sailed high and fair,
But a fielder nailed it fair and square.

And that my friend is such as life,
As too much success leads to grief and strife.
Roger and Nancy George of Elkton, Cecil County, Md. were married on 2/26/1957. They left together for Sanford, Fla. right away for the opening of spring training; than on to Soux City,lowa, Class A, in the Western League. On October 10,1957 their first child, Little Rog was born. In the spring of 1958 Rog trained with the Major League Giants but was sent to Pheonix, Ar. Class AAA in the Pacific League. Later that year he was sent to Springfield, Mass. Class A in the Eastern League. That was the year that New York Giants became the San Francisco Giants. The spring of 1959 found Rog training with the Major League Giants, than on to Pheonix 411 season. On July 19, 1959 Nancy and Roger had their second boy, Michael. In the winter of 1959 Rog was traded from San Francisco Giants to the Baltimore Orioles along with Jackie Brant and Gordon Jones. He trained with Orioles in spring of 1960 and started with Miami, AAA, in the International League. Also in 1960, he was sent to Columbus, Ohio, AAA, in American Assoc. and Little Rock, Ak. AA, Southern Assoc. 1961 found him training with Rochester, N.Y., International League, in Daytona,Fla. He started the year with Rochester, but was then sent back to Little Rock. There, his third child, Curt, was born. In 1962, he trained again with Rochester in Daytona, Fla. and played for San Antonia,Tx.,Class AA in the Texas League
. Roger said,(UNquote).....been there! done that! He left baseball mid-season, came back to Rising Sun and bought a home on Queen St. He started looking for something outside baseball. This pretty much ended his baseball career, although when springtime came around for a few years, he showed signs of wanting to go back to Florida for spring training. Roger and Nancy would have two more children; Carla, born In 1963 and Caryn, born in 1966.

~~~~~~Rog's Latter Years~~~~~~