Through the Generations

Miss Hall meets Miss Kirk

This site dedicated to Catherine Kirk and my grand-daughter, Angie Hall, representing,down through the years, all those DEAR HEARTS and GENTLE PEOPLE of OUR HOME TOWN.

By Mim Baughman

Angie Hall met Catherine Kirk on December 31,2005. when she had just returned home from London. One of the most gratifying things I have done was to take my granddaughter, Angie, to meet Miss Kit. They have both studied aboard, Miss Kit in Paris, and Angie in London. Angie for only 3 and one half months in London, and Miss Kit for a couple years in Paris. They both enjoyed talking about their experiences, and also agreed that it was one of the greatest experiences a girl could have. I asked Kit if she knew of any other girl from our town who had had this experience, and she said she couldn't think of anyone. I will have much more to share in the future about Miss Kit, when I visit her again and get her permission and verification of whatever she desires to share with us. It was a joyful day for, I'm sure, all three of us. Who says three's a croud? Kit is such a charming person! Angie agreed.
Miss Kit also informed us that the automobile shown on cover page of Our Town History titled McNamee Family was really a bright yellow car belonging to her mother Maud. Kit is also pictured there. They really had "classy cars" BACK IN THOSE DAYS too!

I first found this photo in a Cecil County Publication which had been loaned to me by Ed Ellison. I also used it in my first and only publication of newsletter for RSHPC for fall of 2005.

NOW ANGIE and Miss Kirk would like to introduce you to another "Outstanding Citizen of our area. Although Hazel is not from Rising Sun proper, she hails from Colora, a suburb of Rising Sun.
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